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If you don’t see a fabric option you like, please contact us!  We can order fabric for your project!   We are happy to work with you to create the Cheeky Seats scooter seat cover of your dreams!

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Here at Cheeky Seats, we only the highest quality vinyls that are meant to provide years of use. Many of our vinyls have the look and feel of leathe. These materials are all UV stabilized, meaning they will not fade, and are perfect for full sun applications. All all waterproof.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know! We can order the material you want!

Carbon Fiber is an embossed vinyl that replicates the look of carbon fiber weave.  It looks amazing all by itself or teamed up with another fabric to provide contrast to the texture. All of our carbon fiber fabrics are UV stabilized and waterproof.

Sparkle and Metal Flake vinyls are super fun, they twinkle like crazy and are real attention getters.  They are waterproof, and have some UV resistance, but should not be parked outside in full sun everyday, or the color will eventually change.  If you can park in the shade, remove the cover (easy to do with our seat covers) or use one of our Rain/Elements covers, then a sparkle seat cover will last you for years.

Fleece is an awesome fabric to use for scooter seat covers!

Originally, fleece referred to wool, but in our case it refers to a synthetic fabric, which is often used as a vegan alternative to wool. We source fleece that is partially made from recycled plastic bottles. It is very soft, fuzzy, lightweight and easy to wash.

Fleece is not waterproof, but does offer a bit of water resistance. It is a very comforting option if you live in a cold climate, and will also keep your seat much cooler in the summer.

If you must have a completely waterproof seat cover, you’ll need to check out the Specialty and Vinyl options. (Or use one of our Cheeky Seats RAIN covers!)

Cotton is a great fabric for use in scooter seat covers. It is very easy to care for, machine washable, and fits the seat tightly.

Cotton will keep your scooter seat crisp and cool in even the hottest summer sun, however these covers are not waterproof and can fade in full sun. They are lightweight and will dry quickly, but if you must have something waterproof, you’ll need to check out the Specialty, Exotic and Vinyl options. (Or use one of our Cheeky Seats RAIN covers!)