Frequently Asked Questions

General Cheeky Seats Questions

Who Is Cheeky Seats?

Cheeky Seats is a small boutique tailoring company specializing in handmade seat covers and accessories for scooter and motorcycle riders.

We are Suzy and Rafa, two artists living, working and sewing in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania. We personally make every item you see on our website.

Nothing is factory made or outsourced.

Do you sell actual seats?

No. We do not make or sell actual seats. We make Seat Covers - they go over the seat you already have.

Cheeky Seats covers work perfectly to hide worn, faded, ripped and eroded seats, with no tools needed to install.

Our seat covers are a great way to change and customize your look - or to protect your original seat from damaging elements.

You don't need a new seat - keep your older seat from ending up in a landfill with one of our seat covers!


Do I just staple the new seat cover on?

Installing a Cheeky Seats cover is very simple. No staples or tools required! You don't have to remove the seat from the scooter, and you do not need to remove the old cover. (You may staple the new cover on if you prefer)

Our seat covers are made to order and hand tailored to fit perfectly.


Do I need to remove the old seat cover first?

If your original seat cover is torn or in shreds, you may wish to remove it. Many times taping over a rip and then putting the new cover on works just fine.

You can certainly remove the old cover - but quite often it is not necessary. Check out our INSTALLATION VIDEOS to see just how simple it is to put on one of our seat covers!

Shipping - Free Shipping on All US Orders

How much is shipping?

All Orders Ship via USPS - US Mail

FREE USPS shipping in the USA! That includes AK, HI, PR, GU, APO / FPO

Worldwide $35.00 for Priority Maill (10 days - 2 weeks )

How long will my order take?

We make all of our seat covers to order, and are usually able to ship  within 48 hours.  We will always let you know when we are shipping the seat cover.  

If you have concerns about a deadline, please contact us or include the event date in your order instructions.  Most times, you will have your new seat cover the same week that you place the order, in the US.  Expedited shipping is available.

International shipping varies. First Class takes 10 days up to several weeks, and Priority Mail is 4 to 10 days.


Tracking says delivered - but it's not here!

Please try to stay calm if this happens. The package may have been left at the desk or manager if you are in an apartment. It may have been left with a neighbor by accident. It may have been brought in by a housemate. The best thing to do is call the local post office, as they can often put you in contact with the carrier that delivered your package. Most of our items are delivered in a 9 X 12 padded envelope - not in a large box.

We will replace any product that is lost in the mail due to the fault of the carrier. If an item is returned to us because the address provided was incorrect, shipping will need to be paid again by the customer.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, Cheeky Seats does accept returns. If you receive an order that is damaged or incorrect, please contact us immediately. All problems must be reported within 48 hours. Please retain all original packaging until USPS claims has been notified. Returns are accepted only with authorization and return number. Custom made scooter seat covers or personalized items are not returnable. We will credit you in the same manner as your original payment within 1 week of receiving the returned item. Each case differentiates upon the given circumstances. We will do everything possible to correct the situation to your satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE: It is CRITICAL to correctly identify your seat when ordering. We are happy to assist if you are unsure. Please do not order a seat cover for a different scooter model thinking it will fit yours, it will not.  Our seat covers only fit the seats they are made for - no other model.

We make every seat cover to order, as such we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee for any cover returned to us that was incorrectly ordered.   We confirm EVERY seat cover order via email that comes in, please make sure to include a valid email address and look for that email message, we can easily avoid this issue with communication.

Please Note: We do NOT make or sell actual seats - we make seat COVERS. Our cover goes over the seat you already have.

International Shipping

We ask that all international orders provide a photo of their scooter so we can verify the exact seat you have. This is to ensure that the seat cover we make will fit your seat precisely.

We cannot accommodate special delivery instructions such as 'leave by the gate' on international orders. The postal carrier determines if he package can be left without a signature.

Customs and Duties

When a package is shipped from the USA, it may be subject to import duties and / or fees imposed by the destination country. We do not control these fees, or know how much they will be. Some countries hold packages at customs, each country is different.

Please contact your local post office or customs office for information regarding your country's policies.

When we ship your package, we will email you with the tracking number. Please check on the progress of your shipment to be aware of any updates or issues with delivery.

If your order has not been received in 31 business days, please contact us, as well as your local post office and customs office with the tracking number.

Ordering Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, paypal, and Venmo. 

We accept google pay and Apple pay on our new website www.CheekySeats.net

Are prices in USD? How do I convert to Canadian, Euro, etc?

All of the prices on our website are shown in USD.  Currency conversion will be handled during checkout.

Our new website allows you to change the currency, please check out our NEW WEBSITE

How do I know which seat cover fits my scooter?

Only a seat cover made for your exact model will fit your scooter.

Please do NOT buy a seat cover for a model that looks "similar" thinking it will fit.  Believe us when we say it will not fit.

If you don’t see your model in our categories, check our Available Seat Models page. Once you are certain we make seat covers for your particular model, you can order any seat cover you see on our website, even if it is shown on another scooter model.  We will make the seat cover for your precise scooter.

How does this work? How do I order?

The first step is to ensure we make seat covers for your particular scooter model.  Check our Available Seat Models  to see a list of the scooters we make seat covers for - or send us an email/chat message.

Once you know we make seat covers for your particular model, we can make whatever yu like, including a style on our website shown on a different scooter model.

If you want a different style / color/ material than what is shown, please contact us - we are happy to make something just for you!

How do I include special instructions, such as thread, piping or fabric color?

Most listings with options have a selector to indicate your choice, but if not, there is a "Notes about your order" box at the end of the order process. If the seat cover you are buying has red piping, and you want black piping, just include that in the notes, and we will verify your selection with you when we receive your order.

If you want your seat cover in a completely different color or texture or fabric, please contact us first so we set up the order for you.

How do I know that you have received my order?

You will receive a confirmation email from our website, followed by a personal email from us confirming your choice. We will let you know when your order will ship, and when you can expect to receive it.

We may have questions about your order. It is VERY important that you include a valid email address (one you will check) as this is the only way we have to communicate with you. Please keep on the lookout for our confirmation email. If you don't receive one in 8 hours, something is wrong, check your spam folder or contact us directly.

Does this include a full seat assembly? Do you sell actual seats?

No, we do not sell seats. We only sell seat covers.  An actual seat or a foam replacement are not included.

Do I have to remove the old cover? How does the seat cover attach? What tools do I need?

Installing a Cheeky Seats cover is very simple. No tools required!  You don't have to remove the seat from the scooter, and you do not need to remove the old cover.

Our seat covers are tailored to fit perfectly and cinch closed on the bottom with military grade shock cord. Here is one of the videos from our Easy Installation Page.


Product Questions

Do you actually make the seat covers?

Yes, we personally make all of the items you see on our website. All of our products are made to order in our studio in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Nothing is factory made or outsourced.

Do you do foam rebuilding, seat reconstruction or seat lowering?

No, that's not what we do. We make seat covers. We are tailors, and consider what we do to be crafting garments for your scooter.

If your seat cover is torn, ripped, worn out, punctured or disintegrating, then our seat cover is a great solution to cover those flaws and give you a completely new look.

If however, you have major chunks of foam missing, or need reconstruction, lowering, or a shape change, that is something best handled by an upholster in person who will need to work directly with your seat.

Is there a way to add foam to the seat cover?

Yes!  We can sew a layer of foam into the top of your seat cover. This can improve comfort and reduce rideing fatique.

If the seat cover you want does not have "padded" as an option, please contact us, and we can make one for you that does have padding!

Are Cheeky Seats scooter seat covers waterproof?

Almost all of our seat covers are waterproof and UV stabilized. The exception would be fleece, fur or certain outdoor prints.

Waterproof seat covers are clearly indicated in the description.


My seat has a lock or hook, how will I access them?

Many seats have a lock built into the seat or a hook that pops out of the front of the seat for carrying a bag. We tailor an opening to allow full access to those features. Our seat covers give you full access to all of the features of your original seat. This photo shows a Vespa LX with openings for the bag hook and lock.

What materials do you use for saet covers?

The majority of our seat covers are made of premium synthetic materials.  While we do work in leather, and offer leather accessories, we feel that in most applications, our synthetic materials are superior for seat coverings, because they are waterproof, UV stabilized, and do not require the upkeep or conditioning necessary with maintaining leather.

Available Seat Models

What scooter models do you make seat covers for?

The following is a list of the scooters we currently make seat covers for. If your model is on this list, we can make any seat cover you like for your scooter!

If your seat is not on this list, then we most likely cannot make a seat cover for you at this time, but do contact us with the seat you have . We will try to locate one if possible.

  • Bajaj Legend
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • Lambretta Bench
  • Lambretta LD125
  • Vespa P200
  • Vespa T5
  • Vespa PX
  • Vespa PX Fastback
  • Vespa Smallframe
  • Vespa Bench, Super, Sprint
  • Vespa Low Profile P seat
  • Vespa Rally
  • Vespa Solo VBA VBB VBA
  • Vespa Buddy Seat
  • Vespa 10" Wheel
  • Sears Allstate Puch Compact Twin
  • Sears Allstate Puch Twingle     
I don't see my scooter model on your list, is this all you have?

Please contact us if you don't see your scooter model listed.  We are always adding seats to the line.

We do not carry generic Chinese scooter seats.  If we do not have your model, you can send us your actual seat and we will hand tailor a seat cover just for you.  Contact us for more information.

Can I just give you the measurements and have you make the seat cover?

No, that will not work. Every seat cover we make is tailored and fitted to an actual seat before it leaves our studio to ensure it fits like a glove. Precise fitting to an actual seat is the way way to achieve the necessary tightness of a proper, safe riding cover. No exceptions.

Fabric Options

Where can I see more fabric /color options?

Want a different color for your seat cover? Click to view our  FABRIC SWATCHES.  Please note, options shown are for our seat covers, we do NOT sell fabric. 

Can I send you fabric to make a seat cover, or order a fabric you don't have?

Yes! Many people like to find the perfect fabric for their scooter and send it to us, or have it drop shipped right to us. Please send us a photo of the fabric before you buy it, so we can make sure it will work for your seat cover.

Generally we need a yard to yard and a half, but this depends greatly on the scooter seat cover we are making and the size of the actual print or pattern. Contact us for details!