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Cheeky Seats was unknowingly born one hot day in Bermuda. We rented scooters and prepared to explore the island. I was used to the seat getting hot on my Buddy scooter, but nothing prepared me for these molten lava-like temperatures of the Bermuda vinyl seat. Even parked for a few minutes, the seat was scorching, and in my light vacation clothes it was ruining the riding experience. Finally, in desperation, I resorted to covering the seat with a towel, and although it flapped ridiculously during the ride, I was back in Scooter Bliss!

Returning home, and with summer just around the corner, we started to look for cooling seat cover options. Not finding much selection, we made our own. Not only did we receive numerous requests to make them for friends, we also found that changing the seat cover completely transformed the look of the scooter!  It made everybody happy, and made riding even more fun! We changed our covers depending on our moods - we had beachy covers, austere work covers, and "night on the town" covers.

Word of mouth spread, we started getting more orders, and officially launched Cheeky Seats in the summer of 2012.

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We would be remiss not to acknowledge and express our gratitude to so many in the scooter community, for their encouragement and support.  We would particularly like to thank The Royal Bastards Scooter Club - Philadelphia Chapter, and the Three Mile Island Scooter Club of Harrisburg, PA for their unwavering enthusiasm at the beginning of our venture, and to this very day.



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