Available Seat Models

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The following is a list of the scooters we can currently make seat covers for. If your model is on this list, just contact us with what you would like us to make!

If your seat is not on this list, then we most likely cannot make a seat cover for you at this time. Many people send us their seats off season, we do offer a very quick turnaround, please contact us for details if you are interested in this option.

Please email us with the seat you have, and we will try to locate one if possible.

  • Bajaj Legend
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • Lambretta Bench
  • Lambretta LD125
  • Vespa P200
  • Vespa T5
  • Vespa PX
  • Vespa PX Fastback
  • Vespa Smallframe
  • Vespa Bench, Super, Sprint
  • Vespa Low Profile P seat
  • Vespa Rally
  • Vespa Solo VBA VBB VBA
  • Vespa Buddy Seat
  • Vespa 10" Wheel
  • Sears Allstate Puch Compact Twin
  • Sears Allstate Puch Twingle     

FAQ Main Hub

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