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I had a note asking where I got the seat cover!

Hi Suzy, You have no idea the amount of people that comment on the seat. When I went to get my scooter after work today I had a note from some guy asking me where I got the seat cover… Read more “I had a note asking where I got the seat cover!”

Vespa Sprint - Jaime
Bulimba, Australia

I love it to the moon and back!

SUZY!!!!!! OMG….. it’s Gorgeous! I love it to the moon and back! I can’t wait to show it off. I am going to wash my bike this weekend and take it somewhere with a great background for pictures. Ones that… Read more “I love it to the moon and back!”

Lance Cali Classic - Susan
Phoenix, Arizona

The drivers love them!

Here’s some pics of the 3 seat covers. They look great, and the drivers love them! Now send me some pics of a Flyers seatcover for my new scooter, my ass is frying in this tropical sun!  

Yamaha Zuma 50 - Chris

Cuban Coffee Queen

Key West, Florida

I now have the cutest scoot on the block!

Suzy, Thank you so much for my new seat cover. I’m in love with it! I now have the cutest little scoot on the block. You guys kick butt! Joanna  

Vespa LX - Joanna
Chicago, Illinois

You guys kick butt!

SUZY!!!! My new custom covers are FAN-F’IN-TASTIC!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Here are a couple preliminary photos. It’s not completely finished yet. But I wanted you to see your amazing work!!! I’ll get you even better photos shortly!… Read more “You guys kick butt!”

Vespa LX - Stefanie
Seattle, Washington

It’s absolutely perfect!

Suzy – Just wanted to tell you I got my seat cover (was out of town over the weekend, and found it waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home!) and I love it! It’s absolutely perfect, and… Read more “It’s absolutely perfect!”

Genuine Buddy - Beth
Bloomington, Indiana

I was able to order and get it in the same week!

Hi Suzy! I got the seat cover and I absolutely love it. It fits perfectly. It looks great. Thanks for being awesome. Super stoked that I was able to order the cover and get it in the same week! I’ll… Read more “I was able to order and get it in the same week!”

Genuine Stella - Jon
Las Vegas, Nevada

All the women just had to feel it 🙂

Hi Suzy, I am soooo sorry that I took so long to reply to your e-mail. My seat cover arrived the Monday following your Friday mailing. I immediately installed it, and as you said “all the women just had to… Read more “All the women just had to feel it :)”

Genuine Buddy - Jack
Sun City, Arizona

Hi Suzy, I’ve been so excited to order my new scooter seat cover ! I loved everything about the seat cover I ordered from you last year,except it didn’t fit. (wrong year) Lol Better yet… I’m not buying a seat… Read more “”

Honda Metropolitan - Dave
Providence, Rhode Island

You put my ideas into reality

Hello Suzy, Finally! Everything is on and after this ride to Starbucks, we were surrounded by folks who not only loved seeing the dogs on the scooter, but also took notice of the paw prints leading up the side to… Read more “You put my ideas into reality”

Vespa GT200 - Ryan
La Quinta, California

OMG! Love & Adore!!!

OMG!!! LOVE & ADORE!!!! So I don’t have a beautiful parking lot, but couldn’t wait to snap some pictures!! I’ll get her out in a few better spots, but here are a lot of pics from today as soon as… Read more “OMG! Love & Adore!!!”

Genuine Buddy - Angela
Tampa, Florida

Y’all do amazing things…

Hey Suzy! I just wanted to send a pic, letcha know how awesome the cover looks on my scoot. Y’all do amazing things, and I’ve already told a couple friends who are about to buy scooters about ya 🙂 I’ll… Read more “Y’all do amazing things…”

Genuine Buddy - Sarah
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

It fits, feels and looks great!

Hello! Wanted to thank you for the seat. It fits, feels and looks great! Sending a few pictures! Thanks again! Emil  

Vespa GTS - Emil
Washington, DC

Just the minimal, cool look I was hoping for

Vespa LX seat Cover carbon fiber combo

Hi Suzy- I keep forgetting to write to let you know how much i like the seat cover you made for me. It looks fantastic. just the minimal, but cool look i was hoping for, I was finally able to… Read more “Just the minimal, cool look I was hoping for”

Vespa LX - April
San Diego, California