Vespa S LX Touring Saddle Seat Cover Whiskey Padded Scooter

Vespa Touring Saddle Distressed Whiskey Padded, Tuck and Roll Style with French Seams Seat Cover

For Vespa Touring Saddles.  Note: Seat Cover Only, does not include actual seat.


Made in the USA 


If you like the look of the leather Vespa seats, you will love our beautiful Distressed Whiskey seat cover!  This classic tuck and roll style cover will take your Vespa  to the next level of performance, luxury and comfort, with none of the upkeep issues associated with real leather seats.


We love the old world craftsmanship of the Vespa leather seats, and we have used some of the same techniques in this cover, including French Seams and beautiful contrasting beige stitching. You can order a separate ornamental strap if you like, which you can have attached by your mechanic using pop rivets (like your original strap) or many people simply screw the strap into the plastic seat frame from underneath.


Our hand tailored seat cover features our distressed Whiskey with high density foam sewn into the top.  The addition of the high density foam is a great way to improve rider comfort without modifying the original saddle. Would you like a different color for this seat cover? We have 7 colors in our distressed line, and other beautiful fabric options.


Cheeky Seats seat covers are hand made to order in our studio in Pennsylvania, and are designed for long term, rigorous use in all weather conditions. For even more protection, or to keep your seat perfectly cool and dry, you can also add a Vespa LX Rain Seat Cover to your order at a discount with the purchase of the seat cover. To read about the Rain cover, check out Cheeky Seats Rain Cover.


No staples or tricky assembly required. Our impeccably tailored covers fit like garments on your seat.  This is just the kind of signature accessory your Vespa is calling out for.


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  • Model: VLS-R372
  • Manufactured by: Cheeky Seats

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