Cheeky Seats RAIN Honda Ruckus seat protector sun and rain cover

Cheeky Seats RAIN,  Honda Ruckus custom seat, sun and rain cover


Quiahuitl - The Aztec God of Rain


Made in the USA 


A rain cover for your Honda Ruckus seat doesn't have to be a poorly made item that makes your scooter look silly and unkempt when parked.  You need the right accessory for the right job.  We present that accessory - a new garment for your scooter seat  -- Cheeky Seats RAIN, a protective seat cover with a sleek style, and outstanding performance.


Perhaps you've invested in an expensive suede, Bride or custom cover.  This is a great way to keep that seat protected if you get caught out in bad weather, or very importantly, to protect it from the sun's damaging rays. Will fit any Honda Ruckus seat, even shaved and custom shaped models.


Cheeky Seats RAIN is an "all elements" protective cover; preventing things like sun, snow, heat, rain, salt, dirt, and oil from getting to your scooter seat.   We use the same materials found in professional mountain climbing and extreme hiking gear, where items need to be ultralight, high-tenacity, super compact and still perform under intense, rugged conditions flawlessly.   Our state of the art urethane coated ripstop fabric, is ultralight and incredibly abrasion resistant, and completely waterproof.  All seams sewn with blue anti-wicking sailmakers' thread, and treated with seam sealer.


We've also made a gauntlet which serves to encase Cheeky Seats RAIN into a neat, compact tube shape, perfect for your glove box, pet carrier, or bag.


IMPORTANT:  This is NOT a riding seat cover.  Cheeky Seats RAIN is intended to be used when your scooter is parked, to protect the seat from the elements until you are ready to ride again..  Remove the cover and store in your glovebox/pet carrier when riding.



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  • Model: HR-R43
  • Manufactured by: Cheeky Seats

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