Faux Fur Stella Scooter Seat Cover, Choose Your Favorite Style!

Faux Fur Genuine Stella Seat Cover, Choose Your Favorite Fur!

Fits all standard Stella 2 stroke, 4 stroke and Automatic seats.


Made in the USA 


Our faux fur seat covers are an easy and fun way to personalize your scooter and turn heads wherever you ride!  We have many options to choose from, so if you like tiger or cheetah or jaguar, just pick your favorite fabric from the options menu and we make it for you!


You will be amazed at how much cooler your seat will be with this seat cover, and in the cold weather, it will give you a snuggly effect!


While faux fur is not waterproof, it does provide some water resistance if you get caught in a rain shower.  You can easily remove the cover and stash it in your glove box if it starts pouring.


We also make spare tire covers for the Stella!  You can check them out here: Scooter Spare Tire Covers



Please Choose:

Bengal Tiger

Brown Cheetah


Red Cheetah

Zebra / White Tiger


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  • Model: GS-R40
  • Manufactured by: Cheeky Seats

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