Vespa Sprint Primavera Scooter Seat Rain Cover Sun Protector

Cheeky Seats RAIN, scooter seat rain cover, sun protector

For 2014 - 2021   50, 125 and 150 Vespa Sprint and Primavera Scooters


Made in the USA 


Literally the dark horse of our seat cover line, our rain cover does it's job - quietly, and without attracting attention. This ensures it will still be there when you come back to your bike.


Unlike our riding covers, our rain cover has a relaxed fit, for ease of quickly putting on and taking off. Fitted with our adjustable shock cord, the cover will not blow off in the wind, and is actually waterproof!


We use mountaineering fabric for this cover - which is designed for repeated compression, aka rolling it up over and over - without losing it's waterproof qualities, and it is lightweight.


Rolls up easily and a wide lycra band serves to bunch up the cover quickly. You can then hang it up to dry out or shake it off. A carabiner is attached to the band. Easily fits in any scooter glove box or pet carrier/underseat storage bin.


IMPORTANT:  This is NOT a riding seat cover.  Cheeky Seats RAIN is intended to be used when your scooter is parked, to protect the seat from the elements until you are ready to ride again..  Remove the cover and store in your glovebox/pet carrier when riding.



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  • Model: VSP-CSR
  • Manufactured by: Cheeky Seats

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