So you’d like to order a custom seat cover? Great! We love doing customs! Here’s some info before we start building your quote:

What is Considered “Custom”?

If you see a seat cover you like in our standard seat cover offerings but you’d like a different fabric or color, just send us an email about it and we can fix one up for you with minimal extra cost. But, if you’d like to build something with us that you can’t find in our top styles, or add special logos or designs, you are in the right place.

Note: we also offer embroidery on our standard seat covers for slightly more customization without too much extra cost.


Custom seat covers start at $150 and can be as expensive as they are elaborate from there. Take a look at our custom seat gallery to get a sense of how much what you’re wanting might cost.

$ = $150-200

$$ = $200-400

$$$ = $400-1000

Turnaround Time

Depending on how elaborate your custom seat cover is, it can take up to XX weeks to complete. Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for any custom job, otherwise rush fees will apply.

Returns and Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges for custom seat covers because of the time and effort that goes into designing a seat cover based on your specifications. We do want you to LOVE your seat cover and be proud to ride on it – we will communicate with you every step of the way to be sure that you’re happy with how things are progressing.


We can be reached by phone or by e-mail and will respond to questions within 24 hours (barring personal emergencies – we are a two-people-and-a-dog-sized show, after all!) We will be sending you sketches and photos along the design and tailoring process, and we do expect timely responses to our questions, otherwise your project will be delayed. Let us know if you prefer phone or e-mail when you request your quote so we can keep in touch throughout the process!



We’ve created some crazy seat covers in the past, so if you can dream it, we can probably do it. That being said, designs are limited by the laws of physics and practicality. We’ll be up front with you if we don’t think a design idea will be possible.

Know What You Want

The more specific you can be about what you want, the better! If you want flowers, what kind of flowers? If you want a superhero logo, which specific superhero logo? There is a place to upload images in the quote form, please use it to send us inspiration and ideas in a visual format.

That is about it! Are you ready to request your quote?


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